Your Private Expert Guide

There are many advantages to traveling independently in the world; you travel with your spouse or family or perhaps a group of friends; you don’t have to join an organized tour with people you are not even acquainted with; you plan the whole trip by yourself and if you feel like staying longer along the way, there is no-one there stopping you (part of hotels reservations perhaps…). However, organized tours are accompanied by an expert guide (i don’t wish to refer here to organized tours that don’t even have this…) who gives the passengers knowledge, tells them about history, shows them visual markers of the culture, walks them through markets, tells them the latest news…etc; I hold that some destinations and cultures require such a mediator…a person who is fluent in the language, has lived or still living at the places, someone who has academic expertise on the history, the psych of the nation, the traditions, the foods, the economy, politics…in short- knows it inside out but still holds to this necessary sense of looking at it from the outside…this person is your private expert guide- a researcher, an explorer, a writer and a photographer who shares his or her knowledge with those traveling with him. That is the way you can make your trip an unforgettable experience; having the benefits of an individual traveler with your own private, custom-made guide. 

Galia brings you to the most intriguing places on the planet and has a passion to share her knowledge and insights in China and Japan in order to  enrich the experience through fascinating lectures and discussions.

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Galia Dor teaches Buddhism in a monastery in InDein, Inle Lake, Myanmar
Galia Dor experiencing traditional paper making in Myanmar
Galia Dor joking with Chinese shop owners in Chengdu, China
Galia Dor Myajima Japan