Japanese Culinary Art

Dr. Galia Dor has studied the art of Japanese traditional cuisine in Kyoto; she has also studied Chinese cooking in Taipei; her love for Japanese cuisine stems from the same roots as her love and respect for Japanese culture in general:  attention to details, patience, dedication and discipline; creations revolving around  philosophical and artistic emptiness, the highest level of the aesthetic and the micro resolution with which any aspect of Japanese culture and behaviour is measured and thought of; 

Galia’s main specialty in Japanese cuisine is Kaiseki – a multi-course meal which constitutes a celebration of aesthetics, freshness, in-season ingredients  and an artistic, spirit-lifting  experience.    

Contact me for details at drdor@galiador.com   

Galia Dor- japanese Tempura served in edible "cup"
Galia Dor - steamed kaiseki dish