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Galia Dor has finalized her PhD research at the department of East Asian Studies, Tel Aviv University and holds other degrees in the Humanities and Life Sciences; Galia invites you to take part in creative meeting points – a dialogue – between cultures, nature and man, knowledge and self discovery.  I work out of deep love and respect for East Asian cultures and our marvelous Planet Earth. Guiding off- the -beaten -track journeys in Japan, China, Myanmar, Bhutan and other destinations, lecturing from a multidisciplinary approach on the history, architecture, art and philosophies of East Asia, offering culinary workshops and serving gourmet meals of Japanese, Asian and/or green, vegan cuisines.  While travelling in the most amazing parts of the world, you will see your knowledge expanding, practice physical and mental arts, taste and study local cuisines and experience it all to the upmost. Take an exciting break from the mundane and feel the bliss of being in movement, exploring your senses and opening your mind to change.

*  MONDOU- A Japanese word meaning “questions and answers”. In Zen Buddhism it is an intuitive dialogue between teacher and student, as a way towards enlightenment.

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