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Dr. Galia Dor is an interdisciplinary academic scholar, lecturer and artist, presently studying Chinese and Japanese philosophy, material culture (architecture, art) and medical thought;

Her former field of expertise is the life sciences, with emphasis on evolution and animal behavior (e.g., of the  Bottle-nose dolphin in Eilat or the Japanese Macaques in Japan), and Chinese medicine. Thus, her research is inherently correlate, comparative and interdisciplinary-searching for parallel patterns of “behavior” in (what Western thought considers to be) disparate fields of knowledge.  First and foremost, however, Galia is driven by a relentless curiosity as to the big questions of life, nature and the human mind. 

Dr. Galia Dor lectures in Tel Aviv university but to no lesser extent or passion to the general public: it is her conviction that East Asian philosophy, aesthetics and medicine carries deep potential and applicability for change and transformation- especially in this era and times.

Indeed, the environmental, social, technological and cognitive challenges that humanity faces demand for a serious re-evaluation of certain dogmatic and inherent patterns of thought, conduct  and beliefs- a revolution of creativity, and innovation.   

Contact me: drdor@galiador.com 

*  MONDOU- A Japanese word meaning “questions and answers”. In Zen Buddhism it is an intuitive dialogue between teacher and student, as a way towards enlightenment.

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