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Dr. Galia Dor specializes in Chinese and Japanese philosophy, Buddhism, architecture, art and aesthetics ; she holds degrees in the  Life Sciences, as well- having  researched animal behaviour of dolphins and Japanese macaques in nature; Dr. Galia Dor lectures in Tel Aviv University and to the general public in Israel, Japan, China and in conferences in Europe and the US. 

Dr. Galia Dor enjoys guiding traveling seminars in East Asia- especially in Japan and China; these are unique journeys tailored to the curious and intellectual traveler; these journeys are borne out of deep love and respect for East Asian cultures and our marvelous Planet Earth (and the alarming state it is in due to man’s actions);

In addition, Dr. Galia Dor has spent years in Japan and Taiwan studying local cuisine and cooking; it is her unique addition to any trip in East and South east Asia; you are also invited to one of her  culinary workshops in Tel Aviv, Tokyo or Kyoto. As a private chef she is also invited to foodies’ homes…to prepare and serve Japanese, Chinese, Asian or Fusion- and importantly- vegan-  meals.

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*  MONDOU- A Japanese word meaning “questions and answers”. In Zen Buddhism it is an intuitive dialogue between teacher and student, as a way towards enlightenment.

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