Dr. Galia Dor has completed her M.A. (in Buddhist thought) and PhD in Tel Aviv University at the department of East Asian Studies, in which she taught various courses in Chinese and Japanese philosophy, Buddhism, Aesthetics and Art. 
Galia lived in Japan and Taiwan for 5 years, and has since been traveling in-between Tel Aviv and Kyoto or Beijing – for research and work. 
Previous to her studies in the Humanities, Galia Dor had studied for a B.Sc. and M.sc in the Life Sciences (animal behaviour and evolution). She studied the nocturnal behaviour of Dolphins in Eilat and in Japan researched the facial expressions of Japanese Macaques monkeys. 
In her PhD, the research focuses on the philosophical significance of gates in ancient China (the concrete architectural gates, as well as abstract, textual gates). 
While living in Japan Galia studied Japanese cuisine, and in Taiwan, painting and Taiji quan . Studying Chinese painting constitutes part of an on-going passion for design and artistic creation- with emphasis on painting. 
Japanese culinary is yet another aspect of Japan’s unique aesthetics; Galia has been taken by the world of Japanese culinary: its ingredients,  Umami flavours, simplicity, health and philosophy. 
Galia Dor is particularly interested in bringing the wisdom of East Asian aesthetics, philosophies and medicine to the general public.  It is her passion to expand people’s minds through multidisciplinary knowledge and different ways of thinking. 
Galia has been teaching in Israel, Europe, China, Japan, the UK and the USA through conferences and whilst on the move…traveling; 
Thank you!
Dr. Galia Dor