Dr. Galia Dor is a lecturer at Tel Aviv University at the department of East Asian Studies, teaching courses in Chinese and Japanese philosophy, Buddhism, Aesthetics and Art.  She has been traveling and guiding traveling seminars and in-depth journeys for 20 years now, exploring  East and South-East Asia intensively, with emphasize on China, Taiwn and Japan; Galia Dor has earned academic degrees in both Life Sciences and East Asian studies; she is currently at the final stages of her PhD research (on the significance of gates in ancient China); she is also a specialist on Japanese cuisine, Asian and Vegan food; teaching cooking workshops and hosting gourmet dinners at people’s homes; 
Galia Dor is particularly interested in bringing her knowledge and multi-disciplinary approach to the general public and enjoys teaching Asian philosophies, Chinese medicine and Chinese and Japanese Art to different audiences outside of university;  it is her passion to expend people’s mind through knowledge and open them to different ways of thinking, East Asian wisdom and novel approach to history and life- hence, inducing personal change and growth;  thus, she has been teaching in Israel, Europe, China, Japan, Britain and the USA through conferences and whilst on the move, traveling; 
Galia Dor invites you to experience a unique combination of academic knowledge with hands-on practices, of unique encounters with thought-provoking lectures; bringing this wonderful and fun-filled experience of traveling to the upmost by intensifying your curiosity to learn more and by meeting incredible cultures and wonderful sites of nature worldwide;
Join Galia on her lectures and journeys to to China, Taiwan, Japan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal and other incredible destinations of the East; Imagine watching the courting dance of the Japanese crane, 30 degrees below zero in frozen Hokkaido or joining Buddhist priests in their morning meditation in Koya-san, Japan; hiking up 900 meters to the hanging  Taktsang Dzong monastery in Bhutan or studying a 500 years old  Japanese tea bowl up close; listening to a lecture on laozi and the Book of the Way while sitting right there- in the legendary gate where it all happened… 
Thank you and be in touch. Galia Dor