Research Fields

During my years as a Biologist and specialist on animal behviour:

After graduating with an B.Sc. (Tel Aviv university), Galia joined a team of animal behaviourists to study the facial expressions of Japanese Macaques monkeys in Nagano, Japan. 

As part of her M.Sc, Galia has studied the nocturnal behaviour of Bottle-nose dolphins in the Dolphin reef, Eilat, under the supervision of Prof. Todt Dietmar, Berlin University. 

Galia’s M.A focused on East Asian cultures and Buddhist thought (2006-10).

The M.A and PhD constitute an investigation into the metaphorical and philosophical significance of abstract and concrete gates in ancient China.   

Presenting papers in the following Conferences:

8th International Conference on Daoist Studies Living Dao Today: Views and visions; Lake Amersee near Munich, Germany 2012

Daoism: Tradition and Transition 9th International Conference on Daoist Studies Boston University, May 29-June1, 2014 

Daoism: Self, Science, and Society. 10th International Conference on Daoist  Studies –Sanyi Tian-An-Tai-Ho Retreat Center, Miaoli, Taiwan, 26-29 May 2016

Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) kongrees, Solothurn Switzerland, November 2017 

Academic Papers: 

Galia Dor. 2013 . “The Chinese Gate: A Unique Void for Inner Transformation”. The Journal Of Daoist Studies (6). pp.1-28

Forthcoming books and chapters in edited volumes: 

SUNY Press: “Gates between Order and Chaos”. 

Routledge: a chapter titled “Sacredness and Water in Contemporary Japanese Architecture: a Reinterpretation of Ancient Traditions”/in a volume edited by Anat Geva.