East Asian Cuisine

Traveling in the marvelous and enriching cultures of east and south east Asia, one encounters an unbelievable world of tastes, colours, textures and arts- all associated with food. These are moments that become such a strong part of our memories…sitting for a steaming bowl of Udon (うどん) noodles soup in a ‘service area’ of a Japanese high way, standing in Taipei near a food stand, devouring a plate of ‘stinky Tofu’ (臭豆腐), the smell of which makes tourists run away…being served by a family in Myanmar a typical tray of green tea salad…or a killing-hot tom-yum soup (ต้มยำกะทิ) on a street in Bangkok…the list of  ingredients and dishes is indeed inexhaustible. Beyond falling with love with the tastes, the various cooking techniques and the strong tendency for the fresh ingredients and the emphasize on aesthetic presentation, i have, at certain places,  felt a great curiosity and even a need to study these cuisines – both theoretically and in practice; i have always been amazed at the variety and excellence of cooking vegetables and vegan foods in east and south-east Asia…although known perhaps to the contrary (yes, i know, Chinese eat everything that moves…), the truth is that a vegetarian or a vegan would actually be surprised to encounter such variety and tasty dishes all around; 

I strongly contend that food is a significant characteristic of any culture and the choice of ingredients (and, importantly, the choice of what Not to eat), and how these are prepared and served- might shed light on each and every culture.  Thus, i love cooking for people and opening their minds to new ingredients, tastes and beauty…i love introducing them to the food culture of each and every place they travel through; what a great and enjoyable way to get closer to people and their cultures. If you wish to know more of Chef Galia Dor’ gourmet dinners, cooking workshops or culinary trips in Asia…go into the relevant pages on this website or write/call. 

Galia Dor hesitating which kind of Tofu to choose...Bejing China
Galia Dor explaining about the significance of Kaiseki Dinner in Yudanaka, Japan (Bi Yu No Yado Ryokan)