East Asian Cuisine

Traveling in the marvelous and enriching cultures of East and South East Asia, one encounters an unbelievable world of ingredients, tastes, colours and textures. Culinary moments that become a significant part of our memory…sitting for a steaming bowl of Udon (うどん) noodles soup in a ‘service area’ of a Japanese high way, standing in Taipei near a food stand, devouring a plate of ‘stinky Tofu’ (臭豆腐), the smell of which makes tourists run away…being served by a family in Myanmar a typical tray of green tea salad…or a killingly-hot tom-yum soup (ต้มยำกะทิ) on a street in Bangkok…the list of  ingredients and dishes is indeed inexhaustible. I love the tastes, the various cooking techniques and the strong tendency for fresh, plant-based ingredients combined with aesthetic presentation;
I cook like I paint like I think…in-between chaos and order.